15 new front yard-backyard landscaping ideas for enhancing the beauty of your home

15 new front yard-backyard landscaping ideas

You may consider your home as a castle, but you can’t surround it with a moat. Despite surrounding it with the moat, you can apply landscaping ideas to beautify your home. As we know, landscaping means making our yard attractive by altering the existing design.

So, undoubtedly, it can be an excellent option for enhancing the beauty of your home. And you may follow some of the best landscaping ideas to add warmth, color, and texture to your living place.

After using the ideas, you can make your home inviting and appealing to others. You can separate space so that outdoor party guests can sit, relax and enjoy the company. Again you can also add height with planters and baskets to beautify your yard.

There are also many ways to make your surroundings attractive. And no matter which landscaping idea you use, it should enhance the beauty of your home. In case you need any recommendation, you may try these 15 new front yard-backyard landscaping ideas.

  1. Bring River in Your Front Yard

If you can build a human-made river in your front yard, then it will be great.  As a result, you can get a view of the natural river from your home. Again, you can also place the stone on the edge of the river to add a seating area to enjoy the view. And all of it makes your yard attractive to others. You will also feel like you are in the middle of the forest which is fantastic.

  1. Back to Simple Flower Plant

The idea of planting the beautiful flower plant can change the view of your front yard. It will entice the beauty of your home. And the design is elementary that anyone can comfortably try it as it doesn’t require high maintenance. To go with the idea, you can divide the entryway of your home into two sections. Then you can grow some flower plants such as cactus in one separated-area.

  1. Deck in Your Front Yard

You can place a deck or patio in the front of your house. And it should have stair as the entryway go to the house. The benefit of having the deck is you can see your beautiful front yard while sitting on the deck.

  1. Utilize Your Small Space

In case you have a small area, you can still utilize your place so that it looks alluring. You can use the curvy stone path as the entryway and the stamp lawns, or you can utilize anything to surround your space.

  1. Fill Up with Colorful Flowers

You can make your front yard feels more welcoming by filling up it with colorful flowers. You may use bold and bright colors to create significant impact, although these bright bloomers require high maintenance.

  1. Go All White and Clean

The idea is for those people who like to stay clean in the more classic white shade. When the white shade in your wall meets the green lush of your yard, it becomes a jaw-dropping view to anybody. And if you add hanging basket with the white bloom, it becomes more dramatic scenario.

  1. Front Yard Design with Clean Line

You can apply the idea, in case you want modern decoration for your house. And the plan can be a great complement to the modern building. However, you need to keep the lawn neat with the planting sections on it. Therefore, it looks like they are growing together. And if you clean entryway, it will add more value.

  1. Backyard Landscape Design

Like the front yard, you can add a flower bed on your backyard to increase the beauty of your home. Also, you can use some texture and architectural dimension to your yard. And if you are using large planters, you should avoid using a lot of compost.

  1. Beautiful Backyard Landscaping

In our home, we consider the best place for the sitting area in the corner. And when it comes to landscaping, we should not fill up space with flowers and plants only.  Besides placing them, we can add other elements such as the patio, the fence, the walls, the water elements, and other features.

  1. Backyard Pool

You can turn your backyard into spa-like space by having a pool and a sitting area. Also, you can beautify it with a fountain which should be placed aside from the plants and flowers.

  1. Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens also play an essential role in landscaping design. It can save ground space and provides lots of greenery. Besides that, with a vertical garden, you can have veggies and herbs. Although creating a vertical garden requires knowledge of using garden tools, you shouldn’t avoid creating the garden.

To create a vertical garden, you may need some tools including a hammer, saw, spade, shovel, and hoe, etc. However, you may face up with difficulties while saw finding even then you should continue building your vertical garden.

  1. Garden Pathways

Garden pathways can capture everybody’s attention with its beauty. It can create a strong focal point and visual interest. That means you can change the depth perception of your backyard by designing garden pathways.

  1. Landscape Lighting

It is one of the most affordable landscaping ideas that you can use to increase the beauty of your yard. It can create a mood and comfortable atmosphere by providing a soft glow. Landscape lighting also enhances home safety by protecting you from slip and fall accidents. Thus, it can be a great option to use.

  1. Mini Storage Shed

Outdoor storage is essential for any garden, especially if you don’t have any other room. You can make your shed with a little imagination, or you may purchase a pre-made mini storage shed for your garden tools.

  1. Water Features

Some people show less interest to beautify their backyard as there is lack of space for trees, shrubs, and plants. But we can add a water feature there as it takes a small area. Again, it can also provide enough backyard atmosphere. Not only that but it can also be a cause of your relaxation because it allows for the soothing sound of running water.


Homeowners have a big responsibility as there is plenty to take care of the inside home. While taking care of the inside, most owners forget about the outside. As a result, their home becomes less attractive from the outside which none probably like. So, we should pay attention to the outside as we do for the inside.

We may hire a professional landscaper to beautify the yard, although they aren’t inexpensive and affordable. Fortunately, there are landscaping ideas which can help us out. And as long as you want to decorate from the front yard to the back yard of your home, then you may need these 15 new front yard-backyard landscaping ideas. We hope you find the article helpful.

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