Badlands Diablo Day Pack Review

Finding the best hunting backpack has never been easy for novices. Badlands Diablo Day Pack is among the most sought-after products on the market. Besides the price, the backpack comes with many features that will make you to fall in love with it. Here is a comprehensive review of the backpack.

Badlands Diablo Day Pack Review



The backpack is extra lightweight in design. This makes it easy to carry it around when it comes to hiking. The unit weighs only 1 lb and has been designed such that it can carry items weighing up to 40lbs. Regardless of your strength, this product is a perfect choice for your use. The lightweight design of the backpack is among the aspects that have made it more popular among many users. Customers looking for lightweight backpacks will never go wrong with this product.

Hypervent Suspension

The hypervent suspension provided on the backpack ensures that it does not stick on your back when using it. This means that you will not experience uncomfortable, sweaty back whenever you go out hiking alone or with friends over the weekend. This is among the features that have made many people prefer this product over others out there. The suspension boosts the comfort of the backpack hence giving you more reasons to consider the same over other backpacks

Compartments and Pockets

The backpack has several pockets and compartments where you can carry different items. The compartments are ideal for carrying water bottles, cameras, winter gloves, sharpeners and a 3D roll of fabrics among other items you are likely to need when going out to hike. Unlike other bags that you will need more than one to carry your items, the compartments provide room for everything that you will need before leaving your house. The pockets and compartments make it second to none as far as hunting and other outdoor activities are concerned.

Water Resistant

Water Resistant Fabric helps in protecting your items from becoming wet while out hiking over the vacation with the rest of the family or any other people. The manufacturer has designed the backpack using KXO 32 Camo Fabric, which is known for its high ability to resist water. This backpack is a perfect choice for protecting all your items from hostile weather conditions. With this backpack in place, you have no reason to worry about how you will carry certain items from one point to another whenever it starts raining while out there having fun

Badlands Diablo Day Pack Review


Camouflage Appearance and Internal Frame

The camouflage appearance of the backpack tends to blend well with the surroundings, which helps in concealing your from wild animals while hiking. The backpack’s designs will definitely increase your chances of capturing animals while at the field. On the other hand, the internal frame made from T-6 aluminum tends to reinforce the structure of the unit thereby making it more durable.


  1. Extremely portable/Lightweight
  2. Hypervent suspension
  3. Allows users to carry up to 30+ lbs comfortably
  4. Multiple straps make convenient
  5. Comfortable
  6. Water resistant
  7. Affordable
  8. Quiet zippers


  1. Suspension not adjustable
  2. Frame sometimes squeaked
  3. No rain cover provided
  4. Does not stand on its own
  5. Final verdict

In conclusion, Badlands Diablo Day Pack is among the top products on the market. A discussion about Hunting backpack reviews is not complete without this product. The backpack is comfortable, lightweight, water resistance and relatively affordable.

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