The Best Mesorollers for the Face

The popular procedure of bio-revitalization, which is offered in every beauty salon, is quite expensive. It is much more profitable to purchase a special device – a face scanner for your face, which effectively and in just 10-12 procedures will save you from the most hated skin problems. This apparatus is a pen-shaped handle with a scrolling disc and a plurality of small needles. The most important advantage of roller skaters is the possibility of using at home. They allow a special agent (serum, cream) to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and have an effective effect from the inside.

Do not forget to clean the skin before use. For maximum effect, divide the face into small areas, roll the roller 10 times with horizontal, vertical movements and diagonally, pressing a little. Immediately after use, it is necessary to apply the active substance. What should you pay attention to when buying?

A Number of Needles: The more it is, the more effective the result will be. Means that penetrate into the punctures, can more actively affect the deep layers. This will lead to a better effect.

The Size of the Needles: Here the inverse rule applies. The optimal length is 0.3-1 mm. Needles of a larger size will not suit every type of skin and will cause the most unpleasant sensations. A suitable length for roller application at home is 0.3-0.5 mm.

The Shape of Nozzle: Ideal option will be a disk roller. They are convenient to use, and it is easy enough to control the pressure.

The Material of the Needle:  Give preference to needles made of titanium alloy or medical steel – these are the most reliable, durable and safe options. Additional advantages of the roller will be the presence of gold dusting and diamond sharpening, which will preserve the original appearance of the needles after a variety of applications and improve efficiency.

In the ranking are the best mesh rollers for the face. During the selection we paid attention to the following characteristics:

  • recommendations of cosmetologists;
  • reviews from use;
  • durability;
  • size and material of needles;
  • reliability of the manufacturer;
  • the shape of the pen.


South Korea is one of the countries that is famous for its innovative and highly effective means for the face. The AYOUME Mesorroller is an excellent example of a combination of quality and reliability. It is available in several types: with needles of 0.25, 0.5 or 1 mm. The disk nozzle includes 540 needles with gold plating. They smooth wrinkles, tighten the area around the eyes, relieve fatigue of the skin, relieve it of excessive fat and redness.

The Best Mesorollers for the Face

Judging by the reviews of cosmetologists and buyers, this roller quickly copes with the task. It is quite simple to use; the main thing is to follow the instructions clearly. It fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip. The main advantages include a large number of needles, innovative materials, convenient form, high quality, visible results. No shortcomings were found.


VD Dermololler for the face is 192 needles made of high-strength titanium alloy 0.5 cm in size. The device is presented in a stylish gold-colored case with metal elements. It is used to treat facial skin and even the head. A slight tingling with special needles promotes the penetration of the active substance (cream, serum) into the deep layers of the epidermis. This procedure starts the regeneration process, improves cellular metabolism and makes your skin look young, healthy and fit.

The Best Mesorollers for the Face

Mesoroller VD is an innovation in combating dullness, fat content and other common face problems. The head is used to prevent hair loss. Advantages include excellent value, visible results, universal application, optimal needle size, convenient use and stylish design. No shortcomings were found.


Welss mesolorler is designed for a variety of areas: neckline, face, neck. It significantly improves even the most problematic skin after the first application. The dermaroller is equipped with needles of surgical steel with a length of 0.75 or 3 mm to choose from. They reliably fight with scars, lethargy, redness, correct the face oval, tighten the neck, neck and even relieve stretch marks. The use of such a device helps to cope with the increased fat content of the skin or the appearance of acne.

The Best Mesorollers for the Face

Presented in a convenient plastic box, does not take up much space. The handle has an ergonomic shape that is comfortable to hold and guide. Ultra-thin needles provide the most effective care at home. Pros: stylish appearance, thin strong needles in the amount of 540 pcs., High wear resistance, proven effectiveness, excellent reviews of cosmetologists. No shortcomings were found.


The next mezoroller from the popular Israeli brand Bradex is a stylish roller of transparent material with a special nozzle for penetrating deep layers of the face skin. Activation of the production of elastin and collagen provides youth and a healthy face. The most important difference Needles Derma Roller from other models – a large number of needles (540 pieces). Thanks to this feature, you get the best effect from the application.

The Best Mesorollers for the Face

In the kit comes a stylish cover-stand, in which it is convenient to store the roller. It also provides absolute tightness. The device itself looks very stylish – the nozzle is presented in black, and the handle is made of transparent glossy material. Advantages: a large number of needles, is recommended by cosmetologists, excellent quality, durability, noticeable result, low price. No shortcomings were found.


The following model of the mesoroller for the face has an active effect on the skin. Derma Roller DSS eliminates wrinkles, pigmentation, scars and other irregularities. It bleaches, tightens the skin and accelerates the regeneration process. 192 needles are made of a reliable titanium alloy and are sharpened by a laser. Their length provides penetration into the deep layers of the epidermis, which allows effectively to deal with existing problems.

The Best Mesorollers for the Face

The device does not take up much space and is equipped with a convenient packaging in the form of a tube. For the best result, you need to use a special tool, the effect of which will increase by 40 times thanks to the Derma Roller DSS. You choose the right length of needles, among them 0.3, 0.5, 1 or 1.5 mm. The main advantages: good customer reviews, easy application at home, a noticeable result, improvement of the appearance of the skin, good quality. No shortcomings were found.


The most popular facial mesosclerometer is DNS London from BioGenesys. It is equipped with 1 mm needles with laser sharpening and gold plating made of titanium. The nozzle consists of 200 ultra-thin needles that penetrate deeply into the skin, activating the process of cell regeneration. When used, there is no discharge of blood; The design of the mesoroller is carefully thought out.

The Best Mesorollers for the Face

DNS London consists of a comfortable handle ergonomic shape and transparent material, as well as a roller tip bright orange. For convenience, the kit includes a sealed cover and a stand. Regular application improves skin tone, gives it radiance and freshness, stimulates the production of collagen. Advantages: durability, high quality of needles, the benefit to the skin, helps in the fight against acne (when using a special tool), easy to use, best reviews of beauticians. No shortcomings were found.

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