How Often Do You Have to Train for the Dream Figure?

Each summer again goes for many of the fights against the flab off again – a decent beach body must be found, and quickly as possible. That this can not be done with a hunger diet alone should be clear by now. Only a healthy diet and a tight sports plan can really help.

But how often should you work out during the week? Every day, maybe this is more effective, or are the weekends too – and if, how long and intense should the training look like so that results become visible as soon as possible? The best way to ask is a personal trainer: Arlow Pieniak, as a movement therapist and trainer in Hamburg makes fit people fit, in his (also under fashion bloggers!) Popular Studio Work it.

How Often Do You Have to Train for the Dream Figure?

Intense Workouts Are More Effective

Recent studies indicate that intensive training sessions at short intervals (i.e. High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT for short) are most effective when it comes to burning fat. Pieniak agrees with this because in fact the body only goes to its “valuable” fat reserves, which thousands of years ago were actually vital in the case of food shortages, if absolutely necessary.

And it’s precisely this emergency situation that one puzzles the body with the high-intensity interval training, says Pienak: “Maybe it’s just about life, the effort is so high that the body can only afford it, in addition to the freely available carbohydrates in the blood and in the muscle also taps the energy from the fat reserves. “

In the long term, this has the advantage, the fitness expert further explains that the body is becoming more effective in burning fat. Someone who does a HIIT daily will eventually consume more energy than it supplies to the body – also called a negative energy balance. Nevertheless, “the idea that quiet endurance training proportionally burns more fat, true, but not absolutely seen. A misunderstanding that persists quite persistently. “

How Often Do You Have to Train for the Dream Figure?

In terms of fat burning and anything to do with the circulatory system, exercising at a high heart rate (like the HIIT) is more effective than a moderate workout. “However, moderate training can do an essential thing better: reduce stress. This may not be the focus of many, but a high level of stress is not only unhealthy but also bad for burning fat, “says Pieniak. In this respect, continuous stress should definitely get a permanent place in the training plan.

That’s How Often You Should Work Out During the Week

Does much actually help a lot? Yes, says the Hamburg fitness expert, because “our body is designed for exercise, only a lack of exercise harms him”. However, one should not exaggerate it immediately, who has not previously been so often athletic, should not train the same six days a week, but steadily increase the number of training sessions. And true sports muffle or people with very little time, who still do not want to look completely untrained, get along well with three units per week, says Arlow Pieniak.

How Often Do You Have to Train for the Dream Figure?

That Should Include a Sporting Week

HIIT, yoga, pilates, jogging, swimming, weight training – the offer is almost inexhaustible and far more extensive than a week has days. But which sports really bring something when it comes to the perfect figure? “Here I would divide who seeks only the health or optical benefits, which should deal with strength training and HIIT.” Because these two sports are in the category “Training” – so have no other goal than to change the body positively. “Not only in terms of weight loss but also to eliminate pain or postural damage.”

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